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If you run a website, you can earn money by sending traffic to us. We pay 30-60% commission for every purchase made on any of our sites as a result of your referral.

(More sales you send us higher % you will earn. Special arrangements for "good" affiliates.)

Terms and Conditions

Sites with illegal content, pop-ups, or exit consoles MAY NOT participate in this program. ANY complaints received from visitors about our link on your site will result in suspension of your affiliate account. We reserve the right to deny participation by any webmaster. We suggest  not to post any full nudities from our sites.

How does it work?

This affiliate program is sponsored by CCBill, our primary billing agent. In order to participate in this program, you must set up an Affiliate account. The commission you make is paid to you directly by CCBill.

Once you have created an Affiliate account, simply link to any of SuperTwinks sites from your site with a special URL. It is that simple. You can start earning commission immediately!

If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program you can

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